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Problems to be Considered in Structural Design of Sheet Metal Fabrication


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Problems to be Considered in Structural Design of Sheet Metal Fabrication

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The following issues shall be considered in the design of sheet metal processing structure:1 It is necessary to consider the realization of product functions and its economy and practicality. The design of sheet metal processing structure should conform to the principle of economy and practicality, and try to reduce the cost input in the process of sheet metal processing on the basis of ensuring the safety, quality and performance of sheet metal processing. 2 Material processing requirements and cost control shall be considered. The design drawings shall specify the requirements for manufacturing materials, and the requirements for material selection shall be made to ensure that high-quality materials produced by regular sheet metal processing manufacturers are selected, to ensure that the materials can meet the requirements of relevant standards in the actual production, and to ensure that the designed finished products can meet the design performance requirements. In addition, the punching and folding rate of materials in the production of products shall be strictly controlled in the design, so as to minimize the tedious process in the actual production of products and enhance the operability of design drawings on the premise of ensuring the product performance. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that the selected materials have good strength, are easy to bend and shape. Click here to contact JIATONG.

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