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What Is Important for Sheet Metal Manufacturing?


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What Is Important for Sheet Metal Manufacturing?

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Custom AluminiumGenerally speaking, the equipment of sheet metal processing plant includes plate shears, CNC punches, laser plasma, water jet cutting machines, compound machines, bending machines and various auxiliary equipment, such as uncoilers, leveling machines, deburring machines, spot welding machines, etc. Sheet metal processing is called sheet metal processing, and the primary process is cutting, bending and bucking, zigzag forming, welding, etc. The surface treatment of sheet metal parts is a very important part in the process of sheet metal processing, because it can prevent parts from rusting and beautify the appearance of products.

  The main effect of surface pretreatment of sheet metal parts is to remove oil, oxide skin, rust, etc. it prepares for surface post-treatment, and then the main treatment is paint spraying (baking), plastic spraying and antirust coating plating. Under the condition of meeting the requirements of product function and appearance, the planning of sheet metal should ensure the stamping process, manufacturing of stamping abrasives, high stamping quality, standardization and stability of sheet metal. It can be seen that production equipment, sheet metal processing and the processing ability of the master will affect the quality of sheet metal processing. Click here to contact JIATONG.

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