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Sheet Metal Design Guide - Considerations for Sheet Metal Parts


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Sheet Metal Design Guide - Considerations for Sheet Metal Parts

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Sheet metal is one of the design types that we are most exposed to on a daily basis and has a complex design process. As sheet metal is widely used, sheet metal design has become an important part of product development, so what do you need to pay attention to during the sheet metal design process? Here's what JIATONG introduces to you.
The process of sheet metal design should follow the principles of easy spreading, process rationality, shape and structure rationality, uniform product thickness, and cost rationality. There are several points to consider in the design.
(1) First of all, the strength design of the sheet metal, because the strength design will directly affect the durability and service life of the product, and there are often some design conflicts in the design in order to strengthen the strength of the sheet metal.
(2) Pay attention to the relationship between the thickness of the sheet metal and the design dimensions, such as whether the length of the design requirement is included in the thickness of the sheet metal.
(3) The process of sheet metal manufacturing, whether the process of processing and production is easy to operate after the design is made, whether it will increase the cost of the product and a series of problems affecting production efficiency and production safety.
(4) Consider the reasonableness and convenience of the assembly and installation design of the sheet metal, so as to reduce the problems that may arise during the assembly.
(5) The connection and fixing methods between the sheet metal parts are also the key points to be considered in the design. The sheet metal parts are mainly connected by screws, welding, rivets, etc.
(6) The ease of maintenance is also a design consideration. A reasonable and excellent sheet metal design will greatly reduce the difficulty of maintenance.

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